ALL BEGAN...

I was born in 1958, second daughter to George and Doreen Bratton. we lived in Lancaster and moved to South Wales when I was six. This is where we acquired our first dog . Today he would have been a designer dog as his mother was a miniature black poodle and his father a cardigan corgi. We just called him Kim.

While in Wales I was gifted my first pony. This was the start of my competitive side as we competed in many equestrian events. We moved back to Morecambe while I was still a teenager. Kim came with us and lived to the grand old age of 15 . It was another 20 years before I got my next dog, a black standard poodle called Chloe and she was the start of my dog show career. My first whippet was a re-home rescue. He came with full papers. so we registered him in our name and so began our wonderful journey into the whippet world.